Spelling – Part 2

Spelling – Part 2

Attention parents! Changes have been made to the way I run spelling/dictée with students. Please make sure to look at the tab at the top of this blog. Thanks!


Students had their first spelling/dictée test this Friday. All did great! To clarify things a bit, here’s how I plan to run my spelling program this year.


-10 French words and 10 English words are given as a pre-test. Students use their red notebook for this. 

-Students correct their own spelling. I trust them. If a word is spelled right, they don’t have to study that word. If a word is misspelled, it needs to be practiced at home. They may use their red notebook to practice their words. Some words will be easy, some words will be a bit more difficult to spell. If I notice that a student has trouble with spelling, I will adapt the spelling program to his/her needs.


-The real spelling test takes place every Friday. I read all the words out loud and I repeat as many times as needed. Students only have to write down the words they needed to study. If they want to write them all down, I am ok with that too.


Please note that I do not use these spelling/dictée test results for report cards. However, if I notice that a student continues misspelling some of the words studied, I will take note of it when I evaluate writing assignments. As mentioned in my previous post, ideas, organization of a text and word choice are more important than spelling, but I still take spelling into consideration.


I hope this helps! If you have some questions, I will be able to discuss them with you on Tuesday.




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