Shoreline cleanup/New Brighton po

Bonjour tout le monde!

We leave at 9am for our Shoreline cleanup at Oxford Park. We will be taking the bus all together.

All parents who would like to join us are welcome. Bring a bathing suit and towel if you’d like to come for a swim.

I have 30 tongs, many garbage bags and a box of latex gloves.

Day plan 

9am depart

9.3o arrive and site examination

9.35 observation and worksheet

9.50 shoreline cleanup

10.20 snack and play

10.30 walk to New Brighton park

11 map drawing

11.30 lunch

12 play and games

12.30 math volume measure activity

1pm pool entrance.

1.15pm swim

2pm shower and change

2.20 back to school

3pm home time

A demain!


French Reading – Online Resources

Finding interesting French sites, books and articles to read online is difficult. The following ones have recently caught my attention:

Les Débrouillards

Blogue Radio-Canada Jeunesse



MaBiblioNumérique at VPL (you will need your VPL card to access those – as it is a bit more compicated to set up, ask a VPL librarian to help you with it)

If you can think of others,  feel free to add a comment to this post.