Baseball + Listening Skills

We spent some time in class yesterday watching the following episode. As it featured baseball (which we are now doing in PE – how timely!) as well as a few other topics of interest (la superballe et le fromage en grain) I thought it would be a good opportunity for the students to be exposed to what other kids of their age sound like in Québec.

As a result, the students also leaned various ways to express their excitement.

  • “C’est malade!”
  • “C’est trippant””
  • “C’est capoté!”
  • “C’est super le fun!”
  • “C’est écoeurant!”
  • “C’est exaltant!”
  • “C’est délirant!”
  • “C’est surprenant!”

Bonne journée! 🙂

Skateboarding – French Reading (and Listening)

I gave everyone a break from their “cahier bleu” Thursday and today and although I asked that everyone continues to read in French at home (without writing about it), I worry that many won’t do it.

Here is something for your child, in case he/she hasn’t done any French reading at home today. Save it for later if needed!

Pierre-Luc Gagnon – Le pro du skate

There is a short article and a 6:27 minute interview with Pierre-Luc. Listening to a French interview is a great way to improve one’s listening skills.



Inquiry-Based Learning**

The students have just started a personal inquiry related the human body. They are encouraged to be curious, research, read, experiment (this should start next week) and share. I am really enjoying this so far as everyone is working on something of their choice. You could have heard a pin drop this afternoon in class. It was an amazing experience.

If you would like to access some of the notes I will be taking during our sharing sessions, please ask your child to show you the group discussion I just created on Showbie.

One of my favourite resources, despite being in English, is Wonderopolis. As I was exploring the site a bit more this evening, I came across their Wonder Jar. This could be a great way to generate discussions at home as well. Let me know if you try it with your child. I would love to have your input!

Have a great evening,


**Inquiry-based learning => learning by doing


Sports Day

Sports Day was a success! All students showed great leadership skills while working with their Kindergarten buddy from the English stream. I was so proud of them! Many adults who work with this Kindergaten class complimented me on their behaviour. Well done, everyone!

Have a great long weekend…



Good morning parents,

We are currently exploring measurement in class. Yesterday, we watched the following video.

For homework this weekend, I have asked the students to build their own hodometer, using cardboard. If you can’t find a wooden stick and a metal attachment piece, I will have these at school on Tuesday.

For a quick tutorial, fast forward to the 14:42 mark.

We will be using these hodometers next week so it is important that everyone comes prepared on Tuesday.

Thank you for your support!