Report Cards

Report cards will be going home today. What you will see on these two pages is a fraction of what I would like to be able to share with you in person. I find the format we use limited and I’m hoping that someday we will have the freedom to include pictures, videos and interviews to support what we are sharing with the parents.

When you open the envelope with your child, please take the time to talk to her about her work habits as these can be very informative. Please remind your child to not compare her grades with others. Although some may end up with the same letter grade, what they are able to do in real life may look very different.


It is also a good moment to reflect on the great things that took place during the term and to discuss the effort your child has put into his work. If your child is unhappy about something, please encourage him to talk to me about it. Although we have two formal goal-setting conferences per year, we can take the time to discuss new goals together and develop a list of strategies to reach these goals.

I am there to help, should your child need it!

Thank you for your ongoing support,


Vancouver Kids: Child Bride

We have been reading the following book in class, as a read aloud.


I really love this book as it is a great way to talk about local history with the students. All short stories have been written based on true facts and the author has done a great job of adding a short section at the end of each story to explain where she found her inspiration.

Yesterday, Mme Anne-Marie (our student teacher) read Child Bride to the students. Here is what we learned about it.


Finding out that girls could marry at such a young age came as a shock to the students. They had so many questions that we asked them to write their thoughts on post-it notes so as to not forget them. Here’s what they came up with. These would be great discussion starters at home as well.


Library Books

Good evening parents,

Can you please take a look at home to see if you can find your child’s library books? The deadline to return ALL books is Friday, March 3rd. We will be switching to a new computer system right after Spring Break and before this can take place, all books must be checked in again.

At the moment, 12 students still have books checked out on their library card and I’m worried they won’t be returned in time.

If you would like to find out what has been checked out. you can do so by asking your child to log in on Webcat, using his/her student number. I shared this info with everyone at the beginning of the school year.

Thank you for your support!



French Reading – Online

The students have access to Info-Jeunes. I used some of the money we received from the Federal Government to cover the cost of this subscription.

I think Info-Jeunes is an amazing resource. It follows current events and for those who have more difficulty in French, there is also a recording of the article that the students can play while reading. I just tested it on my iPad and it works on it as well.

As I’m aware that not all students have the same rules around computer usage at home, I haven’t asked anyone to do it as homework.

If you would like to have access to your child’s account, please add a comment to this blog post to let me know. I will give you your child’s log in information.

Thank you!


Book Club – Final Assignment

The students will be exploring stop animation during the next few weeks. They will use the Stop Motion app to present a scene from the book they read during Book Club.

Stop Motion is a free app so if you have an iPad at home I encourage your child to download it. I also have access to Stop Motion Studio Pro but I much prefer to use the free version at the beginning as it has less features and has everything we will need to create the projects.

Here’s a project I worked on with a small group of teachers many years ago, when iPads weren’t available. You should hear my voice at around the 0:49 mark. Your child should be able to recognize me. 🙂