Schedule for Goal-Setting Conferences

Here is the schedule for next week. I apologize if some of you were unable to get your first choice. Please leave me a note in your child’s agenda if you need to cancel your appointment. You can also call the school and leave a message.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!

P.S. If you haven’t given me your preferences, you can do so by clicking on the following link. Merci!

Voting + Important Reminder

The students have watched the following videos in class today. We are learning to take notes by using abbreviations and only writing down the most important information learned.

Here are the two videos we watched. I ended the day with an important question to discuss at home. Hopefully some will research this and be able to report to the rest of the group.

Are prisoners allowed to vote?

Please note: It will be an early dismissal day tomorrow and Thursday. School ends at 2pm for Goal-Setting conferences.

Have a great evening,


Global Read Aloud

As many of you heard, we will be participating in the Global Read Aloud once again this year. Based on what I found on their website, 500,000 kids from 60 different countries will be reading the same book at the same time. If you’d like to know more about this amazing project, click here.

Here’s a video shared by the author today. I haven’t viewed it with the class yet but hope to do so tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening,


EdCamp Delta

EdCamp Delta is happening today and I’m very excited to attend!

The following sites should give you a better idea of this type of professional development, in case you aren’t familiar with it.

What are EdCamps?

Edcamp Delta

Here are some of the topics people have been suggesting. What I like about EdCamps is that it is free and everyone is invited to attend.


Many people will be on Twitter today sharing their thoughts and what they are getting from these sessions. Make sure to follow #edcampdelta!

Enjoy your Saturday…


Student Vote 2015

Many intermediate classes will be participating in the Student Vote program in two weeks. (click here for more info about this program) Voting day will take place between October 13 and October 15 so that we can submit our results in time for election day.

Yesterday and today, the students and myself had a great discussion about democracy. We also elected our two class reps for Student Council.

Together, we decided that the following traits were important to consider when voting for  a class rep:

  • to be responsible
  • to have a positive attitude
  • to behave well in class and on the playground
  • to not be shy

Congratulations to Aija and Jed, who have been elected! Jade was also chosen as a substitute should Jed or Aija be absent for one of the meetings. I would also like to commend the following students for putting their name forward: Patrick, Sadie, Quinn, Niya, Shirley, Sara and Alexa. It takes courage to do this and I am proud of you all!