Sports Day

Sports Day was a success! All students showed great leadership skills while working with their Kindergarten buddy from the English stream. I was so proud of them! Many adults who work with this Kindergaten class complimented me on their behaviour. Well done, everyone!

Have a great long weekend…



Good morning parents,

We are currently exploring measurement in class. Yesterday, we watched the following video.

For homework this weekend, I have asked the students to build their own hodometer, using cardboard. If you can’t find a wooden stick and a metal attachment piece, I will have these at school on Tuesday.

For a quick tutorial, fast forward to the 14:42 mark.

We will be using these hodometers next week so it is important that everyone comes prepared on Tuesday.

Thank you for your support!


Online French Reading

Good evening parents,

Your child temporarily has access to French novels online. I believe it will be available until the end of June. If he/she is looking for something new to read, please visit the following site.

All you will need is a password to access the novels. I gave the password today in class.

I was able to view the novels from my computer. I hope it works for you as well!

Have a great evening,


Needed Materials

Dear Parents,

Division 10 and Division 7 students (Ms. Anema’s class) will be working together on Friday. We are looking to gather some material for that day. I’ve already found quite a bit of supplies in my junk bins but I was wondering if you could help me collect the remaining items.

Here’s a Google Doc I created (click here). Please add your child’s name directly in the document if you can help us. Google Docs save automatically so you don’t need to worry about saving what you wrote.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Makey Makey

Two years ago, I bought six Makey Makey kits. Today was a good day as we were finally able to use them for the first time.

All students successfully completed their first task (see picture) and I really enjoyed watching them solve the challenges they encountered. A big thank you to Sacha for sharing his expertise with us!