We have moved…

We have moved…

Dear parents,

For the 2017/2018 school year, I needed to move to the following site instead as I have used all of the free space available on this blog.

I will also be using Instagram to share the wonderful things we are doing in class.  My username is “annietheteacher”.  Pictures will also appear on our new blog, at the bottom of the page. As I’ve always loved pictures, I would like to give Instagram a try with the students. 

Thank you for your understanding and support!



5 thoughts on “We have moved…

  1. Thank you for your note, Gisele and Kyle. This is very thoughtful of you! I am sure I can come up with a solution that won’t require $. I do like the idea of using Instagram to share pictures but I have to say that I quite enjoy WordPress as I can easily share longer messages, documents and links. I’m about to try something. Fingers crossed it will work! 🙂

  2. Hi ,Mme Annie, welcome back! Yes, we also could help chip in for additional WordPress. But/ and also interested to try out Instagram. I have never used that, am so unhip! Gisele

    1. Bonjour Gisèle! Thank you for your generous offer but I will not need financial support at the moment. I found a solution and started a new blog instead, for free. Here’s the new link, in case you are curious: annietheteacher1.wordpress.com
      I will miss having Gus around this year. Please stop by to say hello if you ever come by the school!
      Annie 🙂

  3. Hi Annie: I really like your approach to engaging the class is social media. I would be happy to cover the cost of an upgrade on WordPress, is you want to continue with it. I can cover either the Personal or Premiun level for the year.

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