Book Club – Final Assignment

Book Club – Final Assignment

The students will be exploring stop animation during the next few weeks. They will use the Stop Motion app to present a scene from the book they read during Book Club.

Stop Motion is a free app so if you have an iPad at home I encourage your child to download it. I also have access to Stop Motion Studio Pro but I much prefer to use the free version at the beginning as it has less features and has everything we will need to create the projects.

Here’s a project I worked on with a small group of teachers many years ago, when iPads weren’t available. You should hear my voice at around the 0:49 mark. Your child should be able to recognize me. 🙂

Area and Perimeter

Area and Perimeter

We’ve been studying perimeter and surface area in class these past two weeks. As it isn’t always an easy concept to grasp, here are various ways we practiced.

1) We drew First Nations art, using grid paper. This was done by Sarah, our student teacher from SFU. (Sarah ended her short practicum last Thursday.)

2) We used Geoboards.

3) We used the Notability app on our class iPads.

4) Some even used the Geoboard app on our class iPads.



If you’d like to encourage your child to practice this at home too, all you will need is a measuring tool (ruler or measuring tape both work fine). The possibilities are endless.

Perimeter and surface area:

  • bed
  • table
  • room
  • book(s)
  • area rug
  • door

If doing this at home, it is important to ensure that your child uses the proper unit (cm, m). If calculating the surface area, he/she will also need to indicate that it is “squared” as we are talking about a 2-D figure.

Have fun!