Roedde House & Coding

Good afternoon parents,

I’m sure your child told you about this already but there were some unexpected changes just before our two week break and we were unable to visit the Roedde House Museum. This outing will now take place on Wednesday April 19 (morning only). I will be looking for one parent volunteer so if you are available that day, make sure to mention this on your child’s permission form which will be going home today.

As we had a bit of extra time in class that morning, and to make the best out of our day, the students, Anne and I did some coding together. I introduced them to a new app I discovered during a workshop I recently attended.

Here is some information, should you want to also do some of it at home with your child.

Apps to try:

One thing that I keep hearing when I attend workshops on coding is that there aren’t a lot of women who code. If your daughter is showing an interest in coding, this event may be for you.

Strathcona – National Girls Learning Code Day


Have a great weekend,


Social Studies Update

Good evening parents,

Anne-Marie, our student teacher, has been doing some fabulous lessons with the students. They are currently learning more about First Nations people, explorers as well as the Gold Rush. Not everything has been explored yet but I plan on continuing this after she returns to SFU next week.

This is what the students gathered yesterday and today while researching one of the topics assigned to them. It may be hard to read from a computer but if you are using a tablet or a phone you may be able to zoom in.


At the end of the lesson, she asked everyone to share one piece of information they found important. Here’s what everyone chose.

The following questions could be used at home to support your child with his/her learning:

  1. Can you tell me more about what you wrote on your post it note?
  2. Why did you choose this piece of information?
  3. Name me all the things you would be excited about if you were part of this group of people you researched. Why did you choose this?
  4. Name me all the things you would NOT be excited about if you were part of this group of people you researched. Why did you choose this?
  5. How was life different from what they were were expecting?

There are many more ways to approach this topic, of course. If you would like to find out more about ways to promote critical thinking at home, this document may be of interest to you. Bloom’s Taxonomy (lower and higher level type questions/tasks) is discussed on pages 8-9.

Have a great evening,