Vancouver Kids: Child Bride

We have been reading the following book in class, as a read aloud.


I really love this book as it is a great way to talk about local history with the students. All short stories have been written based on true facts and the author has done a great job of adding a short section at the end of each story to explain where she found her inspiration.

Yesterday, Mme Anne-Marie (our student teacher) read Child Bride to the students. Here is what we learned about it.


Finding out that girls could marry at such a young age came as a shock to the students. They had so many questions that we asked them to write their thoughts on post-it notes so as to not forget them. Here’s what they came up with. These would be great discussion starters at home as well.


Totem Poles

We are learning about totem poles in class, in preparation for today’s visit to the Museum of Anthropology.

Here is a brainstorm we did together this afternoon while researching which animals could be found in Northwest Coast Aboriginal art. Not all of them will make the final list but this is a start.

We also talked about ways to research new topics on the internet. Some of the things we discussed as a group are:
  • Databases (available for free through Webcat) can be really useful.
  • Different keywords while researching will lead to different results. If we can’t find the answer to our questions we may need to change the key words we use.
  • Looking at the search results as well as the web page address is important. We need to ensure we are visiting a site that will give out the right information.

These discussions can continue happening at home as well when your child is using the internet to do some researching.

Have a great day!



Residential Schools, Orange Shirt Day & MOA

We are reading the following novel in class, to learn more about Residential Schools. To help us “massage” this story and to encourage class discussion, the students have started creating their own picture book, illustrating and summarizing each of the chapters we have read so far. We are still at the early stages of the work but I hope enough will be done so that you can see some of it during Goal-Setting Conference week.



As a way to remember and acknowledge this part of our history, many people will be wearing orange shirts today.

I found the following information on their Facebook page, should you want to purchase an orange shirt or participate in the event organised.



The Museum of Anthropology is also a great place to visit to learn more about aboriginal cultures. There is a great and temporary exhibit at the moment that I really enjoyed viewing, which ends on October 16.

Also, on October 26, the students and I will be visiting this Museum to participate in two different workshops (Cedar: Tree of Life and Pole Walk). Permission forms will be sent home on Monday. Please let me know if you can help with this outing. I will need 2 parent volunteers for that day. You can either reply to this post or leave a note on the permission form.

Thank you,


Student Vote – The Results


I am pleased to announce that 179 students from Strathcona voted on Thursday and Friday. Some students waited approximately 30 minutes to cast their vote during their lunch break. Impressive!

Results will be shared online at 7:00pm this evening. Make sure to visit their website to view our school results!

I just spoke with an Elections Canada volunteer who is positioned at our school and there is currently no line up.

Have a lovely evening!