Sports Day

Sports Day

Sports Day was a success! All students showed great leadership skills while working with their Kindergarten buddy from the English stream. I was so proud of them! Many adults who work with this Kindergaten class complimented me on their behaviour. Well done, everyone!

Have a great long weekend…


Kindness Counts

Kindness Counts

Good evening parents,

There have been a few issues in class lately.

-Money was stolen.

-Some students are not always being kind with each other.

-School and simple class rules are not always being respected.

I’m sorry to be sharing this kind of news with you tonight but I feel it is important that we keep you informed. We have been using our class meetings to discuss some of these issues and will continue to do so in class so that everyone can feel safe, included and be able to trust each other again.

If you could please have a chat with your child about this as well we would really appreciate it.

For now and until the end of the school year, I’d like to encourage all students to start planning Random Acts of Kindness for each other and for the adults around them. It may not solve all the little (or bigger) problems we have to deal with in a week but I think it is a good start.

Here’s a site (click here) that can get your child started. No money needs to be spent either. It’s the words and the small gestures that count.

I also wanted to let you know of a wonderful book I rediscovered as I was researching more about kindness. I used it a lot when I taught Grade 6/7 and I’m sure many of those stories would be great to read as a family as well.

Thank you for your support!

Have a great evening,




Sharing the Learning

Sharing the Learning

We had our first Genius Hour presentations on Friday and it went really well. I am extremely proud of how our first attempt turned out and can’t wait for more of it this coming week!

On Friday morning, just before recess, Ms. Anema’s class came by for a visit. The students were very proud to share their learning with them. As you probably know by know, the focus of my SFU inquiry is around community building. My goal is to facilitate and encourage more interactions between our French Immersion and English stream students. Over the course of the year, the students and I have been working hard at connecting with those around us. When Ms. Anema’s class presented their moon project to us last Monday, I immediately thought of returning them the favour and inviting them into our classroom to share what we have learned through our Genius Hour sessions. They were fantastic and our guests seemed like they really enjoyed themselves.

After recess, Jack and Caius took us outside where Jack demonstrated how to fly the plane he built and Caius taught everyone how to properly throw a ball. The feedback he gave was very supportive and each one of us learned a little something (including me!). After we came back inside Ilka also shared her last gymnastics adventures when she visited Québec. Everyone was impressed to see the ribbons she received for her various performances. Great work, Ilka! We are very proud of your latest accomplishments in Gatineau.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. See you tomorrow!