Library Books

Library Books

Good evening parents,

Can you please take a look at home to see if you can find your child’s library books? The deadline to return ALL books is Friday, March 3rd. We will be switching to a new computer system right after Spring Break and before this can take place, all books must be checked in again.

At the moment, 12 students still have books checked out on their library card and I’m worried they won’t be returned in time.

If you would like to find out what has been checked out. you can do so by asking your child to log in on Webcat, using his/her student number. I shared this info with everyone at the beginning of the school year.

Thank you for your support!



Fiction or Nonfiction?

Fiction or Nonfiction?

Ms. Hong and I will be co-teaching a series of lessons on genres during the next few weeks. Monday’s session gave the students a chance to learn more about the characteristics of fiction and nonfiction books. We assumed it would be easy but some of the books they were asked to sort out were challenging.

A good way to support your child with his/her learning is to review what has been discussed during the day. Ask your child to teach you something. I’m sure he/she will be happy to do so!


The Love of Reading

The Love of Reading

My goal this year is to give your child the love of reading. At the beginning of the school year, we spent a lot of time at the library, working with Ms. Hong, our teacher librarian, and Mrs. Lay, our project teacher. During those visits (look for the Love of Reading notes in our class Evernote account), we talked about books, watched book trailers and made lists of books we’d like to read. For the past few months, we also spent time learning about how to hold a discussion when talking about books. The students are now able to use all the reading strategies learned in class while meeting with a small group of classmates.

Now that the end of the school year is quickly approaching, I’ve started noticing some changes in everyone. Many students who claimed to not like reading are now enjoying our Book Club meetings AND they are also reading in FRENCH! I can also often hear them talking about good books and getting excited when a new book is coming out. Seeing a student get excited about something like this is one of the many reasons why I love my job so much!

Here is a list of what we’ve been reading as part of the Book Club & Livromanie programs.


Boys Who Rock the World

Girls Who Rock the World



Owls in the Family

The Breadwinner

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Kensuke’s Kingdom




Since the Livromanie books are at a lower interest level, I’ve asked the students to focus on the vocabulary learned instead. This week and next week, they will also be in charge of recording one chapter each so that we can eventually have an audio version of these books. This is a sample I’ve done for the class. I would also like to do a few more activities with these books but may need to adjust as we will soon be running out of time.

All Grade 5 students have also completed a project on a French book they read and recommend to a younger audience. This week, we’ll have the pleasure to watch them present their work to the class. This will give them a chance to prepare before they meet Mme Pamela and Mme Sara’s students.


I leave you with a picture I found on my computer. It’s amazing how much older the students look now!



Webcat – Using Databases

Webcat – Using Databases

Using databases when searching for information is an important skill to have. A few weeks ago, we’ve started visiting Webcat. Webcat is our VSB web catalogue.

When at home, I encourage the students to start using databases a few time per week. If your child claims to have nothing to read in French, Webcat can be the solution for you!

This is a tutorial I created  for your child. This one is about how to use l’Encyclopédie Découverte (World Book in French). I’ve decided to only focus on the visual dictionary part but finding your way around is pretty simple. Your child should have no problem exploring this database.

I will add this tutorial to the “Tutorial” section of this blog, for future reference.




One of the first things I did this afternoon when I had a bit of free time is to visit our library and connect with the VSB & VPL librarians. I got my very special library card and already ordered one book to use in class. Can’t wait!

This is a picture I took this evening, on my way to yoga (something new I’m trying). How appropriate!