Library Books

Good evening parents,

Can you please take a look at home to see if you can find your child’s library books? The deadline to return ALL books is Friday, March 3rd. We will be switching to a new computer system right after Spring Break and before this can take place, all books must be checked in again.

At the moment, 12 students still have books checked out on their library card and I’m worried they won’t be returned in time.

If you would like to find out what has been checked out. you can do so by asking your child to log in on Webcat, using his/her student number. I shared this info with everyone at the beginning of the school year.

Thank you for your support!



Beach Day Next Week

Dear parents,

I will need one more parent volunteer (Olga and Jodi are already helping) to accompany us to the beach next Tuesday. I know many of you responded “maybe” which is why I am posting it here instead.

Although many of you may want to join us, I am only looking for one more parent.

Please write a note in your child’s agenda to let me know if you are still willing to come. Do not respond to this message as I do not always think about looking here. I also don’t always get a notification.

I will reply to you on Thursday or Friday, at the latest, by writing a note in your child’s agenda.

Thank you!


P.S. If you’re already going with another class, I cannot count you as part of the Division 21 volunteer list. No need to let me know of it as I know one parent will come forward.

Lost & Found Items

Good morning parents,

These items have been left behind by Division 21 students. If anything belongs to you, please respond by adding a comment to this blog post.

Library Photo (3)

I will return the items to the lost and found area in the Primary Building on Tuesday if I don’t hear back from you.

Thank you!