Report Cards

Report Cards

Report cards will be going home today. What you will see on these two pages is a fraction of what I would like to be able to share with you in person. I find the format we use limited and I’m hoping that someday we will have the freedom to include pictures, videos and interviews to support what we are sharing with the parents.

When you open the envelope with your child, please take the time to talk to her about her work habits as these can be very informative. Please remind your child to not compare her grades with others. Although some may end up with the same letter grade, what they are able to do in real life may look very different.


It is also a good moment to reflect on the great things that took place during the term and to discuss the effort your child has put into his work. If your child is unhappy about something, please encourage him to talk to me about it. Although we have two formal goal-setting conferences per year, we can take the time to discuss new goals together and develop a list of strategies to reach these goals.

I am there to help, should your child need it!

Thank you for your ongoing support,



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