French Reading – Online

French Reading – Online

The students have access to Info-Jeunes. I used some of the money we received from the Federal Government to cover the cost of this subscription.

I think Info-Jeunes is an amazing resource. It follows current events and for those who have more difficulty in French, there is also a recording of the article that the students can play while reading. I just tested it on my iPad and it works on it as well.

As I’m aware that not all students have the same rules around computer usage at home, I haven’t asked anyone to do it as homework.

If you would like to have access to your child’s account, please add a comment to this blog post to let me know. I will give you your child’s log in information.

Thank you!



9 thoughts on “French Reading – Online

  1. Merci Mme – Gus has used this at home, although he often initially protests and lately wants to read English Harry Potter instead! I think info jeines is a great resource and will help support French reading and especially over spring break when French exposure is less. Merci, Gisele.

    1. Bonjour Gisèle,
      There is a variety of texts on Info-Jeunes so I hope that Gus will find a few he likes. Next week, I will assign one on mountain biking. It comes from another magazine we have a subscription to. I think he’ll like that one!
      I had to reset passwords as many could not remember theirs. I just posted his log in info on his FreshGrade account. Let me know if there is a problem with it.

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