Writing Goals

Writing Goals

Thank for attending your child’s goal setting conference last week!

This is the first time where I have encouraged all of the students to pick a writing goal and I’m really excited about it. This goal will go well with what we are already working on in class.

To become better writers, the students need to practice regularly. I prefer quality over quantity and this is why I encourage you to revisit something that has already been written on Kidblog or in your child’s writing notebook. Going over an older piece of writing, and only focusing on one aspect of it (sentence structure, sentence lengths or word choice), will help your child with his/her learning.

When providing feedback, please ensure that you don’t correct everything as it can be extremely discouraging.

Here are some suggestions for you:

-Ask him/her to select a passage or a few sentences he/she wrote and that you can look at together.

-Compare a well written sentence with a not so well written sentence. Try to improve the latter.

-Play with the order of words in a sentence. Add detail by including an adjective or an adverb. Or do both!

When reading with your child, pay attention to what authors do. Pick a sentence you like and talk about it together. Explain why you like it. Take turns doing this.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you.

Thank you for your ongoing support!



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