Totem Poles

Totem Poles

We are learning about totem poles in class, in preparation for today’s visit to the Museum of Anthropology.

Here is a brainstorm we did together this afternoon while researching which animals could be found in Northwest Coast Aboriginal art. Not all of them will make the final list but this is a start.

We also talked about ways to research new topics on the internet. Some of the things we discussed as a group are:
  • Databases (available for free through Webcat) can be really useful.
  • Different keywords while researching will lead to different results. If we can’t find the answer to our questions we may need to change the key words we use.
  • Looking at the search results as well as the web page address is important. We need to ensure we are visiting a site that will give out the right information.

These discussions can continue happening at home as well when your child is using the internet to do some researching.

Have a great day!



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