La Guerre des tuques at The Cinémathèque

This movie represents my childhood. As I grew up in Québec, where there is a lot of snow, I spent a lot of time outside building snow forts. La Guerre des tuques came out at around that time and every Québécois I know has seen this movie. To this day, some of us are still able to recite a few famous lines from the original version.

It was such a cult classic that it was remade into an animated 3D movie. We watched it before the winter break.

La Guerre des tuques is currently being shown in France as well and was renamed La Bataille géante de boules de neige. Wyatt can attest to this as he has seen the posters when visiting St.Tropez during his break. 
If you and/or your child would like to view the original movie, it will be featured tomorrow afternoon at 1pm (Sunday) for free at The Cinémathèque.

For more info, click here.


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