Classification of Candies

Classification of Candies


We did a fun exercise in class today using Halloween candies. Thank you for allowing your child to bring his/her candy bag to school!

In small groups, I asked the students to classify their candies using a system of their choice. It was interesting to see what each group came up with. Some chose to group their candies by manufacturers (Nestle, Mars, etc.) while other organized them according to their “food group” (chocolate, chips, lollipops, etc.).  There were other ways as well but these two methods stood out for me.

If time allows, we will continue our discussion tomorrow so that the students can share their observations & discoveries. To complement this lesson, they will also be graphing our results. This should take place on Friday or next Monday.

If you’d like to do some graphing at home as well while using a computer, this is a great website to use. Since our computer lab has been dismantled, I can’t use this site with the students anymore.

Some of the math challenges for intermediate students are:

  • finding an appropriate title (it should not be a question)
  • selecting the proper type of graph
  • remembering to add labels
  • choosing a proper interval for the graph

The following checklist should be helpful to you.

Have a great evening,


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