Les bélugas

Les bélugas

As part of the home reading program this week, the students read a text on beluga whales. To dig a bit deeper, they will be writing a French piece today, inspired by the RAFTS writing strategy. If you would like to know more about this assignment, I have updated something on Showbie, in the “Nos Nouvelles/Le Monde en marche” folder.

Here are two videos that may interest you and your child, in case you would like to continue the discussion at home.

  1. Un béluga à la voix incroyablement humaine
  2. Les bélugas libres du Saint-Laurent

Additional reading for your child (this is optional):

  1. A propos du béluga
  2. L’habitat essentiel du béluga du Saint-Laurent sera enfin protégé
  3. Valeria Velgara visite les bélugas du Saint-Laurent


Since I grew up near the Saint Lawrence river and consider myself an animal lover, I made a lot of strong connections with this topic.

Pictures of the Saint-Laurent river: click here

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