Moving Day

Moving Day

We will be moving to the Primary Building on November 4, a month before everyone else from the Senior Building moves out. I feel lucky because the classroom we are moving to is not occupied at the moment. This should give me enough time to clean and decorate the new room.

Although the movers will be taking care of all the furniture and boxes, it will be a fun filled 2 1/2 weeks of packing and unpacking. When I arrived at Strathcona, I had 80 boxes of books, class material and such. I expect the same again this time.

Here are some pictures I took today, after spending a bit of time taking old paper down from the bulletin boards and going through cupboards. I believe all furniture and material from this classroom will be emptied out on October 21st, except for the few items I plan on keeping.


Although it looks pretty bland at the moment, I have big hopes for this new classroom. When the room looks more inviting, I will add new pictures to share with you.

Have a great day,



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