The students will be using Showbie again this year when working from an iPad. Showbie is a great app that allows teachers and students to quickly organise and safely store the work done. Moreover, it is Canadian based and compatible with over 1000 apps. I really love it.

This year again, our district was able to negotiate a license with Showbie so that all teachers can have access to the Pro version. By joining my class, Division 10 students automatically have access to the Showbie Pro features.

Since Showbie is a free app you can install it on your device at home as well (iPad or iPhone). Pro features are accessible from any device as long as your child is in my class and I have access to the Pro features myself. What I really like about Showbie is that it is also accessible from a computer, although it is more limited that way. When I create a hand out that I want to share with the students, I can do so from my computer.

Although we experimented with Showbie a few weeks ago, it was only yesterday that we started using it for school work. All students did really well and aside from some WiFi issues, everything went smoothly.

If you would like to see what your child did yesterday, ask him/her to sign in. As I just added individual feedback in response to the work they did, I’m sure they’ll enjoy showing it to you.

Have a great evening,



2 thoughts on “Showbie

  1. We will check it out online as we don’t have Ipad or Iphone. I hope this app will be available for Android in the future. Thank you.

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