Editing + Meet the Teacher

Editing + Meet the Teacher

The students are currently learning to use symbols when editing their work. We use standard symbols, which can be found on the image you see on this page. So far, they have learned four.

  • Delete
  • Insert punctuation
  • Make this a capital letter
  • Make this a small letter


They are also learning to become good peer editors.

One of the strategies I use when I do this is to use different colour pencil crayons so that they can focus on one thing at a time while reviewing their work or a classmate’s work.

Red pencil: look for missing capital letters or unnecessary capital letters

Blue pencil: look for missing or unnecessary punctuation

Today (Tuesday), we will be working with a green pencil. So as to add a bit of suspense, I’ll let your child explain this last part to you in person. 🙂

Their first English writing assignment will be presented to you when you come visit us on Thursday, during our Meet the Teacher night. Their good copy may not be completed but you will at least have a chance to see what we have done so far in class.

The classroom will be open at 4:30, should you want to come earlier with your child to look around. I will do a short presentation to all parents at 5:05pm.

I look forward to seeing you there!



One thought on “Editing + Meet the Teacher

  1. Great idea to have used coding for this editing work! Greg and I are both coming and look forward to seeing Gus’ work, you and the class. Gisele

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