Math and MindUP

Math and MindUP

Here are some pictures I took while the students were working yesterday, using base 10 math manipulatives. The goal was to build a house, calculate the value of it, and compare its value with another classmate’s house. I’ve included at the bottom two pictures that display the students’ calculations.


In the morning, I also introduced the students to the MindUP program. We learned about various parts of the brain and what happens when we are feeling upset, sad, nervous or scared. We did a breathing exercise together and I was impressed at how respectful everyone was with each other.

This is the poster I put up in the classroom so that we can refer to it at a later time. I hope you have a chance to discuss this with your child at home as well. The chime I use for the breathing exercices can be found at Banyen Books in Vancouver, should you want to try this as home.


Thank you for your support! Yesterday I was happy to hear that many students were discussing their learning at home. A lot of them were excited to tell me about the discussion they had with you about the following expression.

Have a great day,



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