Day 1

Day 1

What a great first full day we just had!

We said goodbye to some of the Grade 5 students, who left us to join the other Grade 4/5 class, and welcomed a group of Grade 4 students. Everyone was really friendly and kind with each other; I was highly impressed.

Although it was only our first day together, we accomplished a lot.

The students…

-drew/coloured/decorated their name tags

-attended their 1st school assembly

-played outside (they voted for a game of their choice)

-reviewed a math concept (place value up to 10 000, or 100 000 for some) and played a math game using funky dice to reinforce these skills

-observed the school yard grass (it’s out of bounds at the moment as it’s still quite new)

-took some notes and wrote questions to prepare for their 1st Science experiment (growing grass)

-read in French for 15 minutes, quietly and without interruption

We ended the day with a short discussion about Twitter. I have created a class Twitter account (@laclassest) and we hope that you start following us!

I leave you with a few pictures I took of their questions.

Have a great evening,



3 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Merci pour des actualities Mme Annie. Hier soir Gus nous Avon’s dit qu’il est tres satisfied d’être dans ta Classé encore. Les photos que nous avez attaché sont interests et instructif pour Les patents. Merci, Gisele

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