Good evening parents,

Here are some ways you can support your child at home with his/her writing. Before Spring Break, a parent asked for some ideas and I am posting them here as I think it can benefit everyone.

  1. Read this blog post. And this one, if you’re curious.
  2. Use Kidblog. Review old posts your child has written. Pay attention to punctuation and to the use of capital letters. Read the work aloud together. Let your child tell you what doesn’t sound right.
  3. Avoid worksheets and don’t focus too much on grammar or spelling. Respecting conventions is important but ideas and organization should come first.
  4. Unless your child asks for it, avoid giving writing prompts that he/she doesn’t connect to. Writing should come from the heart. Things that make us laugh, angry, cry or curious often lead to great writing.
  5. When you ask your child to write about a specific topic, talk about it first. The writing process begins by brainstorming and planning. “Cold writes” are not for everyone.
  6. Make writing meaningful. Write letters, poems, make lists, ask your child to convince you of something by writing about it.
  7. Celebrate reading together. Read aloud. Look at what authors do. Pay attention to the words they pick. Steal their ideas. Tell your child what you notice and what you like. It you enjoy the sound of a word, say it out loud. When an author uses great metaphors or similes, talk about it. Encourage your child to select sentences he/she likes in what is being read. Reuse those sentences elsewhere by modifying them.
  8. Write a lot. Like any other skill, the more your child writes, the better he/she will become.
  9. Your child is a writer. Praise him/her for it.


P.S. This is a great resource to have. If you purchase it, use it sparingly.


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