Ignore rice experiment

Ignore rice experiment

Hello all,

I wanted to share a little experiment that Div 21 conducted over the past four weeks. We have been watching over jars of rice and treating them differently (as per Dr. Emoto’s theory on water molecules). I was slightly shocked that the experiment actually worked!

I started by sterilizing three glass jars and filling them with freshly cooked rice. One jar was labelled LOVE, one HATE and one not labelled at all, the jar we completely ignored for four weeks. We spoke lovingly to LOVE and rudely to HATE every day.

Here are the results, not doctored and the kids can attest to the results.

LOVE was slightly mushy (it was safely (accidentally) stored in direct sunlight for two weeks), but pure white with no mold.

IGNORE was extremely moldy.

HATE was moldy with varying shades.

It speaks volumes to how we need to treat one another (and we’ve also been studying water and talked about how the human body is 60% water!). Another interesting tidbit is that during the Middle Ages, the cruelest punishment was excommunication, interesting to see the effects of this on rice, never mind humans.

In kindness,


2016-04-05 12.06.53.jpg


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