Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Good morning parents and friends,

Welcome back! I am very happy to go back to school this morning. My Spring Break was spent learning, reading, relaxing, taking advantage of the great outdoors and catching up with friends.

I recently finished reading the book Mindset and I think you may like it too. Chapter 7 should be of particular interest to you as it is addressed to parents, teachers and coaches.

I also experimented with a 3D printer this past week and really enjoyed doing the tutorials found on the Tinkercad website. Creating an account is free and I think your child would enjoy the tutorials as well. If he/she wants to create an account, please make sure he/she does it under your supervision. The 3D printer was a temporary loan but I am hoping to borrow it again for the last few weeks of school.

There are two sections of Common Sense Media that I recommend also.

1) Privacy and Internet Safety

2) Learning with Technology


Lastly, here is something I will introduce to the class today. I wanted to share it with you  as well as it would be great to use at home when discussing school and learning. With the push of a revised curriculum, this continuum is very appropriate.


Although I will only see the students twice this week, we have a lot on our plate. I plan to begin new projects and teach important concepts today and Friday so I am hoping I will be able to see all students. There have been more absences than usual this school year and it is having an impact on all of us.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!




2 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. Hi Gabriela,
    Thank you for letting me know! We did one practice in class today and I gave him feedback on a yellow post it note. Perhaps if he looks at it he will remember what to do. If not, I can talk to him next time I see him.

  2. Hi Annie, Thor did not understand his homework today. We were trying to figure it out unsuccessfully. He said that usually there is a little of time to write down the homework. He said he asked today about it but could not understand. Maybe he needs more time and a place where there are not so many distractions. He genuinely does not get the assignment today. I’m worry because this is not the first time as you know. Greetings, Gabriela.

    Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 14:52:41 +0000 To: greynosocerecero@hotmail.com

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