Kindness Counts

Kindness Counts

Good evening parents,

There have been a few issues in class lately.

-Money was stolen.

-Some students are not always being kind with each other.

-School and simple class rules are not always being respected.

I’m sorry to be sharing this kind of news with you tonight but I feel it is important that we keep you informed. We have been using our class meetings to discuss some of these issues and will continue to do so in class so that everyone can feel safe, included and be able to trust each other again.

If you could please have a chat with your child about this as well we would really appreciate it.

For now and until the end of the school year, I’d like to encourage all students to start planning Random Acts of Kindness for each other and for the adults around them. It may not solve all the little (or bigger) problems we have to deal with in a week but I think it is a good start.

Here’s a site (click here) that can get your child started. No money needs to be spent either. It’s the words and the small gestures that count.

I also wanted to let you know of a wonderful book I rediscovered as I was researching more about kindness. I used it a lot when I taught Grade 6/7 and I’m sure many of those stories would be great to read as a family as well.

Thank you for your support!

Have a great evening,





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