Projet – cuisine internationale de décembre

Projet – cuisine internationale de décembre

Dear Parents and Guardians of Division 21,

We are currently working on a project involving international cuisine for the month of December. Your child has been working hard at school researching their country of choice, amassing information on different religious holidays and special dishes. Some students still have to print off some text and images. If it is possible, please print off the images your child needs for their project this weekend (it is sometimes difficult to print at school). I appreciate your help!

Also, I presented a project on cuisine in Italy and brought in some panettone for the kids to try. It would be really fun if we could have some “December treats” from around the world when presenting our posters. We look forward to presenting our projects Thursday, December 10th.

Thank you again for your help and support,



2 thoughts on “Projet – cuisine internationale de décembre

  1. Bonjour, Gisele,
    For Gus and Milo, they just need to print off a few photos of Peruvia cuisine (they know what to look for). The text we will print off at school on Wednesday.

  2. Bonjour Mme Cristina — where can we print the kids’ work from? Weeks ago Gus was able to work on his other writing project in StoryBird from home..but I don’t know how we can link to his Peru project from home in order to print this. Thanks for further information — Gisele

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