Residency with Phyllis Schwartz

Residency with Phyllis Schwartz

Good morning parents,

As mentioned in the letter we sent home on Monday, we are beginning an exciting project today. To help you understand the purpose of this residency, I have included some additional information. A few parents may have misunderstood the purpose of this project so I wanted to share with you the valuable learning experiences you child will experience. Everything we are doing during the next few weeks is directly connected to the British Columbia curriculum. We like to provide the students meaningful learning experiences from which we can draw many lessons. As we have a double Language Arts program to cover, we also try to integrate subject areas as much as possible.

Here are some links that discuss the exhibit we are going to view today:
Best B4 Collective blog (all the latest blogposts are connected to the art we will be viewing today)
Here is an overview of what we will be covering. The following prescribed learning outcomes are taken out of the Grade 5 curriculum but they are very similar to the Grade 4 ones. I divided them into subject areas to make it easier for you to understand.
Social Studies
Skills and Processes of Social Studies:
1) Gather a body of information from a variety of primary and secondary sources
Identity, Society and Culture:
2) Assess why immigrants came to Canada, the individual challenges they faced, and their contributions to Canada
English Language Arts
Speaking and Listening: 
1) Use speaking and listening to interact with others for the purposes of improving and deepening comprehension
2) Use speaking to explore, express, and present a range of ideas, information, and feelings for different purposes and audiences, by staying on topic in a focussed discussion, recounting experiences in a logical order, using an effective introduction and conclusion, using effective details, evidence, or examples to enhance meaning
3) Listen purposefully to understand ideas and information, by summarizing and synthesizing main ideas and supporting details, generating questions, making inferences and drawing conclusions, interpreting the speaker’s verbal and nonverbal messages, ignoring distractions
4) Select and use strategies when listening and interacting with others, including asking questions for clarification and understanding, taking turns as speaker and listener and paraphrasing to clarify meaning
5) Select and use strategies  before writing, including:
-identifying an audience, genre, and form
-analysing examples of successful writing to identify key criteria
-developing class-generated criteria based on analysis of the form of writing
6) Write a clear, focussed informational piece of writing featuring:
-clearly developed ideas by using interesting supporting details and explanations
-sentence fluency  through clear, well-constructed sentences that demonstrate a variety of sentence lengths and patterns, with an increasingly fluid style
-effective word choice  through the use of new words, words selected for specificity, and powerful adverbs and verbs
-a voice demonstrating an appreciation of, and interest in, the topic
-an organization that includes a purposeful introduction, followed by a well-developed and logical sequence of details, with a conclusion that summarizes the details
Fine Arts:
1) Demonstrate safe and environmentally responsible use of technologies and processes
2) Describe a response to 2-D and 3-D images:
-created to communicate ideas, experiences, and stories
-created to illustrate and decorate
-that show the particular elements, principles, or image-development strategies
3) Interpret reasons for preferences in artwork
4) Collaborate to develop a group display for the school or community
Our final pieces will be displayed in the VSB foyer. I will let you know when our work is up so that you can stop by to view our own art exhibit.
Have a great day!

One thought on “Residency with Phyllis Schwartz

  1. This project seems really well-thought through and comprehensive – thanks for the great work to this. The field trip greatly impressed Gus and he shared alot of descriptions about it with me. Your additional information here will help with some more dinner-discussions tonight with the whole family. Great job Mme Annie – thank you. Gisele

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