New Vocabulary

New Vocabulary

Yesterday in class, we looked at new vocabulary. We used the text “Le sort tragique des réfugiés” to help us find new words. I modeled a strategy they already know using words found in the text. We tried to find a small word inside the big word.

Here’s an example I shared with the class:

New word: le bombardement…. It makes me think of the word “bombe”.

I asked the students to do the same after and was impressed by some of the responses I got.

Here’s one for you:

New word: un reportage… It makes her think of the word “report”. (something I hadn’t really thought about as French is my first language)

I also created a Wordle using all the words given to me by the students. They wrote their new words on post-it notes and I typed them up on my computer. This is a great way to visualize what we learn. (I’m a visual learner… what about you?)


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