Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Edit: The two parent volunteers have been found! Nicole (Wyatt) and Tanja (Sara) will be coming with us to the Symphony. Thank you for your support!

Good afternoon parents,

All intermediate classes have received free tickets to go to the VSO on Thursday November 5th. The concert will be at noon. We plan to leave at 11am and arrive back at school at around 2pm. We are walking both ways and I am looking for two accompanying parents for this outing.

I know this is short notice but I hope that a few of you will be able to come with us. As we have a limited amount of tickets available, I can only take 2 adults with us. Mme Cristina, who will be working with the students on Wednesday and Thursday, will be accompanying the class for this outing.

If you haven’t had a chance to come to the Art Gallery, this is now your chance! Please leave a comment after this message if you are interested. I will respond to you the same way and will also send you a reminder on Monday.

Permission forms will be sent home on Monday.

Thank you!



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