Using Word & Learning Simple Commands on a Keyboard

The students have started exploring the following keyboard shortcuts when visiting the computer lab. I had no idea how excited they would be about this so it was a fun activity to do with them.

  • Control + C (or Command + C on a Mac)
  • Control + X (or Command + X on a Mac)
  • Control + V (or Command + V on a Mac)
  • Control + Z (or Command + Z on a Mac)

I have been teaching them to use the right button of the mouse as well. This is an important skill to learn. As a way to reinforce those skills, it would be great if you could also allow your child to use the computer at home to practice.

Here’s how it can happen:

1-Visit one of the French Databases on Webcat.

2-Open a Word Document (If you don’t have word, Open Office is available for free download on the internet – I use this one a lot instead of Word).

3-Practice copying/pasting from a text chosen.



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