Student Vote 2015

Student Vote 2015

Many intermediate classes will be participating in the Student Vote program in two weeks. (click here for more info about this program) Voting day will take place between October 13 and October 15 so that we can submit our results in time for election day.

Yesterday and today, the students and myself had a great discussion about democracy. We also elected our two class reps for Student Council.

Together, we decided that the following traits were important to consider when voting for  a class rep:

  • to be responsible
  • to have a positive attitude
  • to behave well in class and on the playground
  • to not be shy

Congratulations to Aija and Jed, who have been elected! Jade was also chosen as a substitute should Jed or Aija be absent for one of the meetings. I would also like to commend the following students for putting their name forward: Patrick, Sadie, Quinn, Niya, Shirley, Sara and Alexa. It takes courage to do this and I am proud of you all!



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