Class Update – Week 2

Class Update – Week 2

Good morning parents,

Thank you for following this blog! As we all have busy lives, this is the best way to keep in touch. You should be getting a notification when new posts are added so not much will be required from you aside from reading our news and enjoying the pictures I take.

The students are settling in really well and routines are now established. I am impressed at how quick they learn and adapt to new situations. As every teacher has a different teaching style, it isn’t always easy for some. But so far, it’s been great and I am really enjoying my new group of kids. I am enjoying it so much that I took some risks this week and did activities I normally keep for later on in the year.

Here are some pictures I took. I encourage your child to tell you more about it as it will allow you to have a discussion around the learning that took place.

Team building activity:

20150914_140758 20150914_140909

Baking in class:

20150915_133832 20150915_133942

Colour Theory:


Cursive writing (great pencil grip!):



And construction/demolition continues… We now have a new pathway leading to the Senior Building. It is very bouncy! 🙂

20150916_141525 20150915_115620

Have a great Saturday!




One thought on “Class Update – Week 2

  1. Thank you for the great pics and the update 😊! It’s nice to see what I have heard about in the evenings ( like the colour theory).

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