Educational Leave

Educational Leave

I have been granted 8 days by the VSB to work on my SFU studies. Mme Cristina Fogale, who I first met at my former school, will be working in the classroom on the days I will be away. She is a wonderful teacher who has a lot of experience working at every grade level and I am confident she will enjoy herself while working with the students.

I plan on taking one day per week for the next 3 weeks and will be back full-time for a few weeks after that. The last 5 days will be taken towards the end of April and until mid June.

Thank you!


One thought on “Educational Leave

  1. Sounds fine, Annie. I have actually been meaning to speak to you about a concern of mine for a while, but keep forgetting to write a note in Sid’s agenda. If you have time one evening, can you give me a call or would you prefer I make an appointment to see you? Feel free to email me directly.

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