Latest News About Public Education

Latest News About Public Education

Good evening everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your Spring Break! I came across a variety of interesting articles over the last few days and wanted to share them with you.

1) Open letter to our Premier (written by Adam Olsen, interim leader for the BC Green Party): As you have probably heard, cuts in public education continue to happen. The deal we reached back in September did not improve my working conditions and your child’s learning conditions. Jennifer Stewart, who is a parent, is highly active on Twitter and has also created a blog, should you want to know more about it.

2) BC Teacher wins a 2015 Juno: That teacher fundraised $68,000 to get his program to run and received $200 from the Government this year. He is an inspiration to many of us.

3) School boards across the province are currently trying to balance their budgets. Many school boards are now speaking up, saying it is impossible to do (too many cuts over the years, not much left to cut). Follow Patti Bacchus (VSB school trustee) on Twitter to hear the latest news on this.

4) Families Against Cuts to Education (FACE) is organizing a rally on April 12 in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. If you’d like more info on this and/or would like to attend, follow this link.

Thank you for your support! Have a lovely evening!



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