Upcoming Field Trips

Upcoming Field Trips

Good morning parents,

I was able to book a few more field trips and thought I should let you know ahead of time so that you can add it to your calendar. I continue to update our class calendar regularly as well so make sure to keep an eye on it. Our class calendar can be viewed from our blog or from our class website.

  • Wednesday Feb 18: Acceptance Dance at the Vancouver Giants game ($5, includes bus, ticket and t-shirt)
  • Friday Feb 20: all intermediate classes will be going to the Vancouver Playhouse to view a Classics for Kids concert (free)
  • Tuesday March 3rd: Vancouver Art Gallery, tour and workshop (free)
  • Thursday April 9: Vancouver Maritime Museum, all day (free)

If you’d like to accompany us to the Playhouse and to the Vancouver Maritime Museum, please let me know. I will need a few parent volunteers.

Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Field Trips

  1. Hi Jennifer! I just saw your message now. I think we will be fine but if Marc wants to join, he is welcome to come as well. We will be leaving at 930. I will ask S in the morning to see what Marc will be doing. Thank you!

  2. Hi Annie, Don’t quite know how to reach you, but Marc is available to help out on the field trip tomorrow if you need him. Just let me know.

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