Being Supportive

Being Supportive

Good evening parents and friends,

Here are some ideas as to how you can support your child and myself at school.

1) French Reading: Ensure he/she reads appropriate texts in French at least 4 times per week. We started reading a series of French novels on Tuesday and I noticed that many students are struggling with what they read. The books selected are at Grade 4/5 level (they would be considered much easier if read by a francophone student) so everyone should be able to take risks and experience with the new language.

Reading aloud is also an important skill to have. Please remind your child to read aloud for part of the 30 minutes. That’s what I did when I first started teaching. I practice reading aloud in English every night at home.


2) Practice/Review: Your child should also do 5-10 minutes of math practice/review at home on a daily basis. These exercises do not need to be assigned by me. You can make up simple problems on your side as well.

I also encourage all students to take their JUMP math home to review what was done during the day. Doing a few extra questions per night (which should only take 5 minutes) could benefit many. These are great work habits to have as some students are soon going to be transferring to high school.

Here are some examples of what you can do with your child. There is a variety of difficulty level. Start with easy and then try to move to something harder. Khan Academy is also a great site to visit if wanting some additional tutorials.I’ve also made a few tutorials which can be found here.

Multiplication: 25 x 7, 634 x 3, 35 x 87, 453 x 65

Addition and subtraction of decimal numbers (adding prices is always fun and highly encouraged)

I’d like to begin long division with the Gr 4/5 group and I can already predict who will struggle in this area. Knowing times tables is important.


3) Writing: It is also a struggle to some. Asking your child to write at home may not be ideal as some student often require a lot of pre-writing steps in order to find inspiration. What you can do, however, is discuss new vocabulary in French and in English. One of the big challenges for French Immersion students is the lack of vocabulary. New words are not hard to find as your child should be reading in French regularly.


4) Feedback: I always appreciate your feedback. If what I do in class is having a positive impact on your child, I would like to know as this is what fuels my practice.

Also, if you do not agree with what I do in class, I would also ask that you talk to me in private and avoid discussing this in front of your child. Please come see me directly instead of talking to an administrator. I am sharing this with you now as this isn’t something I am concerned with at the moment. It has, however, happened a few years ago and it did a lot of unnecessary damage.


Thank you for your ongoing support! Strathcona is an amazing place to work at. I feel very lucky to be part of this school community!

Have a great evening,



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