Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education

If you haven’t seen any new blog posts lately, it is because I am extremely busy with the students as well as with my own school work. My SFU course this term is more demanding than I anticipated and it is keeping me very busy. I have to write and reflect on a daily basis and I also have a lot of reading to do. Although writing can be a challenge, I am enjoying the process as it is allowing me to reflect on my own teaching and what I am currently working on with the students in class.

I continue to take pictures on a daily basis. I hope I can find a bit of time soon to sort them out and post them here.

Also, a few of us teachers are also auditing the following course through EdX. I believe it is open to anyone interested. It is completely free, if you are auditing it. I thought I’d share this information with you should you want to join the course as well.

Have a great evening,



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