Student Vote Program

Student Vote Program

Division 22 students, along with a few other students at the school and a few thousand more across the province (25,000 to be more precise), will be voting today. We have been given real ballots and a real ballot box. This is very exciting!

For the past two weeks, the students have been learning about citizenship, democracy and the three levels of government. I enrolled the school a few months ago, as I was planning my year and looking for meaningful and engaging ways to teach Social Studies to the students. This is the website I first found: Student Vote. The one we used to access various resources is BC Student Vote (all videos are found on there, if needed).

To prepare for the big day, the students have been reading about the candidates (mayor and councillors only). This has led to some serious and very interesting discussions and I’ve enjoyed listening and reading about their opinions.

If you’d like to know the results or follow what is currently happening in various schools across the province, I encourage you to look at the Student Vote’s Twitter account (@studentvote). All results should also be shared on election night but I’m not sure how it will be announced.

Here are some videos that may be of interest to you and your child, should you want to watch a few of the candidates speak: Shaw – Municipal Election Coverage.

Today in class, I’d also like to discuss plumping the vote.

Looking forward to tallying the results!


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