Giving Feedback

Giving Feedback

I just realised that many of the posts I have been trying to make have ended up in my “drafts” and weren’t published. Here is the first of a one I just found. I modified the words a bit so that it makes more sense. Will try to post the others in the next few days. It’s been crazy on my side, which explains my lack of communication on the blog.


Two weeks ago, the students practiced giving feedback to another group of students. We connected with a Grade 7 class from a different French Immersion school and watched one of the projects they were working on at the time (what we saw was their rough copy). The students were able to talk in real-time using a very neat online program. I’ve kept the chat room private which is why you won’t be able to access our discussion. To give you a better idea, I’ve done a screen shot of the exchange we had.




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