Arbitration – We need your voice, parents!

Arbitration – We need your voice, parents!

Good evening parents,

Teachers need your support more than ever. Please honk, stop by the picket line and write letters to the premier and to your MLA. It wouldn’t hurt to contact other MLAs too as the more we do this, the more we will be putting pressure on the government to say yes to arbitration. I spent the last few days emailing every BC Liberal MLA as I believe our voice needs to be heard. If you would like their email addresses, let me know and I can share the info with you.

I want the government to say “yes” to binding arbitration. I want to return to my classroom and do what I love most. 


No negotiation. No mediation. No arbitration. No legislation. What do they want? Starvation?

(This has been said by a teacher friend. I did not make this one up myself!)


Thanks in advance for your support!




3 thoughts on “Arbitration – We need your voice, parents!

  1. Good morning Annie,

    May I please have the email addresses of those Liberal MLAs?

    I know timing is critical. However, may I submit a rough draft of Jahmaal and my emails to you? I do not wish to miss any salient points.

    Bonne chance,


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