Pots & Pans

Pots & Pans

Good evening parents,

Day 2 is over. Although I’ve only been on the picket line for 2 days, it feels like an eternity. Thanks to those of you who showed their support! Even a little honk from the distance is greatly appreciated. 

We listened to Christy Clark as she did her press conference this afternoon and I was shocked by the amount of false information she is sharing with the public. If you are unsure about certain facts, I encourage you to stop by a picket line and talk to the teachers. The media is also trying to make people believe that the teachers aren’t thinking about their students anymore but I assure you it isn’t true. All the teachers I know (and I know a good amount now, having been in the system for 11 years!) are feeling the same way towards their students. We love them and we believe they deserve better learning conditions. 

The 12-3pm group at Strathcona rang the 3pm bell this afternoon, using pots and pans. If you’d like to join us tomorrow (Thursday), brink your attire and join the show. We need to be heard. We need to make some noise. I have faith…


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