Latest News…

Latest News…

Good afternoon parents and friends,

First of all, thanks to those of you who stopped by to say hello while we were on the picket line this past week. I think about my students all the time (current but also past) and I am hopeful things will get resolved very soon. It feels like I’m living a nightmare that never ends except that this time, it really is happening.

I’m spending a great deal of time reading other teachers’ stories on Twitter and on Facebook and I’m so happy to see that the truth is finally coming out about class composition and size. More than once, I have felt completely useless and unable to help my students. There are so many of them and only one of me! Had I stayed at my former school, I would have had 30 students to look after, with only two periods of resource/support time per week. The amount of students I work with this year is less but believe me, the needs are as high.

When I go home at night, I regularly take some time to reflect about my day. And I often feel bad because I don’t always have the time to help those who need me the most. Staying in at recess and lunch has become the norm and even then, it isn’t enough.

I truly hope that our working conditions will improve in the years to come. As @EricaJaaf said it so well on Twitter, “My working conditions are your child’s learning conditions.”


I leave you with a great interview I found on the internet. I thought you may enjoy it too.

Interview with Nicole Jarvis (there’s some advertisement first, be patient)

This article will also help you understand why we’re fighting so hard for our students.

The Robbery Known As Class Composition Is B.C.’s Dark Secret


Thanks again for your support!

Have a lovely weekend,


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