The End?

The End?

Good morning parents,

I’d like to think that Friday wasn’t our last day of school. We tried cleaning up as best as we can and the students took most of their belongings home. I kept some journals with me but only because I’m afraid these are going to get recycled and I’d like to continue using them next year (two of these were purchased with my own money, this also explains why). Please don’t get rid of notebooks as I often like to reuse the unused pages. Duotangs can also be reused so feel free to send them my way next time I see your child.

As you probably heard, teachers won’t be in school tomorrow (Monday) and if a deal isn’t sealed, I will be back on the picket line on Tuesday.

I continue reading lots of wonderful stories on Facebook and on Twitter. Here are two that spoke to me the most.

1. What is public education worth to you?

2. This is my strike pay!

Enjoy your Sunday…



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