Good evening parents,

More than 3 weeks ago, the students started reading one Livromanie book. These books are short and if one was to read it from cover to cover, it would take about 2 1/2 hours to read it. All French Immersion schools are being given the same books and on average, students are reading between 3-4 books during one month period.

Unfortunately, some students have yet to finish reading their one book. As I’ve told the class before, these books can also be read at home as part of the daily 30 minutes of French reading. Reading in French is important as is reading novels.


If your child hasn’t completed his/her novel, please remind him/her to do so at home. All novels must be finished before the end of this week (Friday). I will open the classroom at 800am on Friday and will keep my doors open until 400pm so that those who need time to finish their reading can do so under my guidance.

Thanks for your understanding.

Mme Annie


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