Field Study – May 8th (am only)

Field Study – May 8th (am only)

Good morning Parents,

I will be taking the class on an outing next Thursday, May 8th. This is a morning activity and the students and I will be walking to where we are heading. Because it is near the school, I do not need to send permission forms home. Also, because I like ask the least amount of money possible from my students, there will be no fee attached to it. 🙂

I mentioned the place in class last week so if you’d like to know where we are going, make sure to talk about it at home! (hint: it’s connected to the Social Studies unit we are studying in class)

It would be great if I could have 2 parent volunteers to accompany me on this outing. We will be leaving the school at 9am sharp and returning at around 1130.

Let me know if you’d like to come! There are two ways to respond to me.

1) Add a comment to this post.

2) Write a note in your child’s agenda.


Other Field Studies:

So far, I have planned two more outings. The first one will involve the class (I’ve also announced it last week, ask your child about it – more info to come soon). The second one will involve all French Immersion students and will take place during the last week of school. We will also do something with our Grade 4/5 buddies (Ms. Chudnovsky’s class) but haven’t decided what it will be yet.



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