Inuit Museum

Inuit Museum

I organised an Inuit museum last week. The VSB media centre has a lot of great artifacts that I borrowed for a week. I did this activity last year too and since it was a big hit with the students, I chose to repeat the experience again with Division 21 students. As usual, I like to modify and improve on the past work that I’ve done. I’m glad I did as this year was even better than last year.

To keep track of their learning, the students used a booklet I created for them. I will look at their responses this weekend and will send them home next week for you to look at. I also asked everyone to keep a “Wonder” page as many had questions after visiting each station. Asking good questions is a skill that was taught to them during term 2, with Ms. D, our resource teacher. The students know all about “deep” and “quick” questions. They also know that a question always ends with a question mark.

On Monday, everyone selected their top 5 questions. Here’s what came out of it. I took a picture of all the work that was submitted to me.


20140416_19152220140416_191517 20140416_191343I20140416_191529

20140416_191348 20140416_191357 20140416_191400 20140416_191412 20140416_191415 20140416_191422 20140416_191428 20140416_191441 20140416_191447 20140416_191500 20140416_191505 20140416_191510 20140416_191540 20140416_191543 20140416_191554 20140416_191601


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