Québec & Book Ideas










I’m in Quebec city right now, where it’s cold and there is a lot of snow! I’ve included a picture for you as a proof.

I also did my first visit at Renaud Bray this evening, one of my favorite bookstores in Québec.

Here are some books that were recommended to me by one of their staff.

Boys will love Naruto, Dragonball & L’agent Jean.

Girls will love L’agent Jean and all the others.

I was told that the series Les nombrils is great because it brings up the issue of body image and girl cliques.

As for the series L’agent Jean, it is currently the #1 seller for Québec kids right now.

We’ll try to order a few through the school but I thought some of you may want to know about this too.

During my next visit, I plan on exploring French kids novels. Stay tuned…


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