About Xtra Math

About Xtra Math

Please remind your child to practice his/her Xtra Math. Many students have started using the class iPads as they can’t do it from home and this is great too. For better results, Xtra Math should be done only once per day.

Please note that Xtra Math isn’t about speed. It’s about accuracy (or “exactitude”, a new word I taught the students today). The students shouldn’t guess and should always do their best. Racing with Mr.C is not a real race as the student always wins. (I know because I’ve been playing with fake student accounts.)

Xtra Math should be done on a daily basis. Many concepts learned in school should also be reviewed regularly to deepen the learning. I read an interesting book last year that talks about brain plasticity and learning. And of course, what we do with Xtra Math makes me think of some of the readings I’ve been doing around learning. Dr. Norman Doidge’s book is also featured in a documentary for The Nature of Things. I just watched the documentary and it summarizes really well most of what was discussed in his book. Here’s the link for you.

If you’d like to read more about learning and brain plasticity, here’s another interesting excerpt from a different book I found online. It’s written for educators but some parts may interest you as well.

And of course, if you want a bit of variety when your child reviews computation skills, there is also a multitude of sites available for you. Please refer to the “Links” section of this blog for some ideas.

Have a great evening!


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