Pink Day + Kindness

Pink Day + Kindness

Pink Day is tomorrow! On that day, we emphasize the importance of kindness with each other. Wearing pink is optional but being kind isn’t. On this day, we say no to bullying and discrimination. We talk about what we can do in the future to make this a daily practice. 

This special awareness day has led me to think a bit more about the class dynamic. There are a few things I’d like to share with you, in the hope that you can support me with it.

As you may have heard, I spend a great deal of time daily dealing with friendship issues. We often talk about how to be kind and inclusive with each other. We read books, share personal stories, try to open up our hearts. I often stop my lessons to discuss what’s going on in the students’ lives. This takes time but I feel it is important to address as the students are learning important life skills.

Even though we talk about problem solving on a regular basis, issues between some students seem to persist. When the students come to school upset, sad or hurt, they can’t learn. Working in groups also becomes extremely difficult as many of them can’t work with each other.

To help me with this, I would appreciate if, on your side, you could support your child in preparing one weekly act of kindness towards another student from the class.  If you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of ideas for you. 

A good way to help planning at home could also be to ask your child the following:

-Who looked sad or upset today? What did you do to help this student?
-Was everyone included in a game today, at recess and lunch? What did you do at recess and lunch to include someone different?
-Who would you like to get to know more? What can you do to get to know this student more?
-If someone hurt your feelings today, how can you address the situation next time you see them? How can you forgive that person?

We try to avoid pointing our fingers at those who exclude or who aren’t always being kind. We try to help them too.

They say people who perform acts of kindness are happier in life. What would happen after a few weeks if 24 students mastered this important skill? Only time will tell…


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